Wow indeed. Almost 60M shares traded and the chart is flat as a pancake.  I feel like Tim Cook is funneling money to HF's on one side and Watsa is on the other side matching ti#t for tat.  Like a battle of titans.  

But in the end it stayed green and right now is even up a little AH.  I said it 2 days ago and I'll say it again I think this is the bottom and it will only go up from here.  Superbowl commercial will hopefully ignite some more enthusiasm. The television ads will start broadcasting globablly and hopefully, BB will start issuing some upgrades right away to show they are on top of making this an even better OS.  The one thing I liked about Apple is they updates their OS a lot and usually it was better each time.  Android is so pathetic this way because of the multiple technologies its been ported to.