The AD is incorrect "4G Ipad?" 

BB10 is LTE  wish they would get their facts straight, just another "screw-up" by RIM.  Not having the US launch was just plain STUPID. 

ATTENTION RIM, 80-20 rule applies, 80% of all apps are garbage.  RIM should that the top 20% of the 20% and MAKE DARN SURE THEY ARE ON ALL PRODUCTS.

Watching Heinz, was like watching a really BAD infomercial, I was just waiting for the "if you call within the next 10 minutes we'll double your offer".

Don't get me wrong, I am a Blackberry/playbook user and I think they are great products, BUT as a STOCKHOLDER I am totally amazed that they not giving eachother reach-arounds, high V's and powerpoint is a real software. 


BB get your shoot together!

Best of luck for us next week.  PS  NetFlix, Pandora, Instagram please....and wakeup all those trolls in charge of marketing.