Just two days ago, ooVoo spokespersons were still telling people that it did not support BBOS, Windows, or Symbian. See below.

Today's announcement marks a huge shift. It's hard not to believe there's some major drama behind the scenes here. There are many intriguing possibilities. It may even be the case that ooVoo found out that Skype is now supporting BB10, and didn't want to be left in the dust. Another possibility is that RIM was rejected once again by Skype, and was then led to make an offer that ooVoo couldn't refuse. I don't follow this area of the business that closely, but isn't Google Video Chat in 2nd place, and ooVoo near the top of the also-rans?



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Re: Reason for no Linux version?


Hi dorbe07,

Thanks for posting!

Our application is available on: Apple Mac and PC Windows, or mobile with iOS or Android operating systems.

We do not support mobile devices, computers or platforms with: Linux, Blackberry, or mobile devices running Windows or Symbian operating systems. There are currently no plans to add the ooVoo app for these devices.

I hope you will be able to join the ooVoo community from one of our supported platforms!

-ooVoo Eric