And     u tell me   if   ur i phone or mine   is anythning at all as cool as this!!!!!!   . Most investors dont do enough primary research  . I  DO!!!!!  I  go wireless  wave every week  for 3 months now and ask about bb10. and every week  wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  more inquiries.  Now  the  "masses"   have not seen   the  link I posted  on  my last post. Once stuff likes this goes  mainstream   or ur holding a   bb10 phone at wireless wave    tell me if ur gonna buy i phone or bberry   .Apple has 87 % market share in   USA. Why  the feeble attempt tobring back    ONE LINE  of   imac  manufacturing  REPATRIATED to  America  after years of subcontracting to sweat shop labour.  Apple is trying to win over "patriots"  with this     little  symbol of tokenism because it has seen these videos too  and know  the i phone   come January  30  will    be as relevant as the   BB    TORCH  was 2 years ago.  Once stuff like this goes mainstream,   look out  apple but more important    look for a fall  in Samsung.The   time shift camera alone  is reason to buy the phone!!!!!!!



Again when u  own     QNX  you also  control  TIME and REAL  TIME.