The paired trade is to short the stock  and  go long the call.   If the stock  crashesu  won  and  only lose on the call    option. I  think    institutions which touted the pair trade     have been exiting and alot of retail investors are now      bagholder shorters.  apple has not been downgraded,  RIM   barely    mentioned  and certainly not the favorite of analysts.  As  they  change their recommendations thay  have already exited their positions  for the institutiobns they trade for  and then make the recommendation for their clients. They are never selling or buying when  they give the  recommendation to clients. They  do their buying first  and then issue a buy  .Thats how the game is played  .  Jus got on the RIM  website   , Look at the Bloomberg     blurb.  The time shift camera   on the bberry 10  makes my iphone look   like a star trek  phazer from the 60s. OMG  the  fluid motions  of  with a single  finger make  my     pinching look  like i  have tourettes syndrome. sure it will take awhile to get used to  it  buy already in the demo  u can see that this is  so   far advanced  from all other technologies  it will  blow  away  every other phone out there.   For people that want the best, and there are many,  S and P  at  5 year high, this  VAULTS  RIM into  SUPERSTARDOM.

 The demos  are  outstanding, SO MUCH MORE ADVANCED  THATN ANYTHNIG FOR YEARS TO COME  AND ALLTHE PATENTS TO LOCK IT  UP  I m already way  up on my position and have ten bagger  option profits but I will add more  March 21 calls    on Monday. I see a run to  40   before end of February.Heins is smug because   he knows what the carriers and all the people who  have seen the phone say  !!!  This is monster i phone and  galaxy  killer.   I  post the link  for you to ponder. I  have an  i phone and   i dont want it after seeing this video.