Trust  me   the  vast amount of these shorts  are retail investors. Institutions do make blunders  but  ucan bet  they were selling apple at 700 and buying  RIM. Dont listen to the analysts.  John Suva saying sell could really be  meaning  BUY. 

Everyone  jumped on i phones and  ipads  ,  huge volume all the way  up.  And alot of that  volume was on margin.  Wait til  margin calls are  triggered.  Apple has alot of cash   so a floor price of about  375   is  an absolute low. The question for RIM is where is the ceiling.  The   options contracts for RIM  are  huge. Thats where the  instiitutions are. Everyone  ASSUMES  alot of the short interest is institutions.  In  fact they made sure they  were covered  by large call option  volume.   The paired trade worked great,  long apple short  rim.   And    as that was happening     more people were buying Apple on margin.  Im  not saying Apple  will crash   below  375.   But   I think  alot of retail investors are  the ones short. I  think  the institutions scanty  support for  RIM  (  4 of 43 analysts  havea buy rating on it)  are   giving  shorts  confidence that bb 10  will crash on arrival  like the playbook  did.If a squeeze  is triggered   ucan bet the   heavy  option contract  is there to ensure the street wins   multibaggers while  RIM longs  make a modest return  and  rim shorts   lose big.   I  think we will see upgrades with a steady rise in the share price. I  think the move from  15 to ten after earnings allowed alot of  covering by institutions.  I  think  most shorters were  retailers who were in the long apple  short rim  paired  trade.  Dont forget this trade  worked out for 4 years!!!!!!  It  will take alot of   unwinding yet to happen.