Had Rim  announced  the ad    this mornnig the stock would   have popped to 19. RIM  is not in this    to make day traders happy. They are in it for the long haul. They  want  to  get out a great message on a  great product. They  dont need Thor  answering to  dummy brokerage houses  who  6 months ago tried everything to  kill   RIM.  RIM   knows and the teckies and focus groups  that have seen the product know its amazing. A  year  ago  Samsung  /Apple  had 53  % of the market , now its  70  %. This dynamic is always in  flux. No one likes a street bully and   thats what  Apple is.     Its profits were made by charging exorbitant prices for a  product they created amyth over. Well  folks the myth is over. Apple is  vulnerable and its heading     down the toilet  for the third time.  This is allabout the right product  at the right time.  Oh those analysts love to talk    about how Apple has one third cash.  Well     they also newver tell  u that  RIM   has one third cash at deatyh's door.   Now  extrapolate the  cash  position wqhne it unveils the most advanced phone out there. We all  know its not gonig t osell  38  million phones a quarter but it will  sell alot  because  alot of people want to own the best product.   If the  techies love it its gonig to be a  hit.   If thor wanted to run up the price he could have announced the ad at  9 30  . He did it on Friday   because he wants people to focus on the message of bb10 ,  and not run a up the stock  daily  so a  useless trader  can make a few dollars. RIM is  in this for  the lnog haul. It has  the  product,  the world class engineering    infrastructure  behind it.   This is a company  that is confident  and you should be too.    If they make 1 billion a quarter  or 500 m    imagine how the cash position improves dramtically. apple is about to have  100 m   iphones that   will  have      huge margin compression. apple built its name on selling    at inflated prices and for them to  cut prices and  offer cheap  i phones   is exactly what  RIM  ddi  the last two years.    RIM      seeks new highs, Apple hits new lows.