I have mentioned the problem that poor analysts have created for retail RIM customers and perhaps an excellent example would be in order. Morningstar has a Strong Sell recommendation on RIM supported by analyst Brian Colello, a man who appears to be so stupid that it may actually hurt. Colello released a report on AAPL in mid December telling AAPL customers not to worry, there were no problems with AAPL dropping from $700 to $500 dollars, just a bit of profit taking! Colello released another whining report yesterday morning with a Strong Buy on AAPL where he actually takes a shot at RIM, apparently he just can't help himself.

To give you some idea of how completely stupid and out of touch with reality two analysts can be, Morningstar's Colello and Citi's Suva, take this simple test. Put a current RIM quote up on your computer screen (delayed is fine) and prepare to buy following the advice from these two analyst's....are you ready...waiting...OK here we go...Collello considers $5 a reasonable price at which to buy RIM, Suva considers $6.00 a reasonable price...wait for it....wait for it... wait for it...wait for it...that is analysis paralysis.