and 30   by next friday.  As I said we have not gone parabolic yet.  There wil lbe day when al lthe    hedge fund guys from norman levine to david burrows to   darren sissons  says    " u know what  inter pipelind fund aint that exciting"  All oil   stocks have not moved with the ten dollar price in oil  !!!! Why is that ?Its because  hot money is pouring into rim for the parabolic move  that has not even started yet. There will be day  in   the next month when RIM trades more in Toronto than New York.


  Apple made 13   B   Samasung made  8.3 B.  How much will  Rim earns when it slays   Apple, Samsung  and Nokia  with phones alone, and no  hardware  or   QNX deals.  I repeat   all  estimates  are insanely  underwhelming. Only 4   of 42 analysts have a buy rating on it.


9  b market cap now,  imagine when it makes 3 b  a quarter?