Every news article talks about  RIM tripling off its lows.  It  makes no mention that the stock is      up  about  5    %  YOY  or down     87  %  from its al ltime highs.  All  this news is designed to  make   that  "  mythical investor  "  who  bought   from  the  6 to  9 dollar range  (  which  lasted  about 4 months  )   to part with their shares content they  made the  double.   RIM should be worth   50    B a year from  now or  about  90 a share.   I   had posted earlier that    if  RIM were to  take  1  %  from   Google/Samasung,  1  % from Apple and 1   %  from  Nokia//microsoft  it  should triple in market cap  or go to about  54 a share.  We al lnkw that  Apple is  now inserious trouble, apple  is right now  where RIM  was  at 50  2 years ago. alot of hype  ....and alot of fear.Why?  Its grown too   big  and run out of growth ,  its the  Barrick  gold of teck.   and now  listen to the  talk,   a cheaper i phone  (  margin compression  ) ,  obsolete inventory,   declining app revenue as  the  "coolness "   fades and people  buy other phones etc.   And its    operating system is old  and has no  other uses. 


In the last  week  we had RIM approved for  VISA  and   open chatter  from  LENOVO  about takeover or licensing.Thats  alot of   faith  for a company given up for dead.  I  think   the estimates r  very low  and the media  keeps  emphasizing the move from  6 dollars rather than year over year.  Some one is  going to make alot of money  buying ur cheap shares  at 18  and holding them  for  90.