RIM's market cap is above $1B so if in fact a takeout is in the offering, Canadian government will have to do a review process, any net benefits to Canada?  Lenovos being a Chinese firm will for sure raise eyebrows.  Maybe a JV is a better way to go, in light of what Harper has said and what happened when a few oil firms were up for grabs by Chinese and another Asian firm, they were let go and done and rules were set up as of it.....more JVs happening in energy sector, so no surprises if BB10 and QNX does well, JVs are in the offering.  Now when BB10 does come out, what about the previous RIM's history with outages, is QNX and their apps going to be great, what about their voice command over Siri plust other functionality, touchless keyboard and then a keyboard version will come out....loads of questions to answer of which we all do not know the full extent of the answers, even though from 2012 summer lows the stock has tripled.  WOW, for options players and longs.....burn them shorts!  :)


xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo as always.