Its lost   its  hip appeal, samsung in sweet spot right now,  RIM  will take its place, I  see no resistance to  25  dollars.  If  we see more licensing of  QNX    to  industrial automation ,medical devices,  Then  I see  a  one year move to  60.  Nanotechnology Centre in Waterloo,  brand new engineering building  at   U of W   ,  and  50  million  upgrade at Perimeter Institute. Real  money  spent on world  class  engineering compared toApple investing in  a  secure bunker where you can store your useless music files.Apple   is the Lance  Armstrong of  tech  and it  tried to bully the cable companies,  music companies and     phone carriers.  Because of that  and its meteoric rise  at   THE EXPENSE OF OUTSOURCING AND CHILD  LABOUR CAMPS    its public  opinion is about to be tarnished dramatically. MM  made a  killing selling the Apple  hype for 5 years  for a      7  bagger.   No  one is buying at  500    it wlil fall  to  300  within the next year. Rim  is the new Apple,  its phone is  just a showcase for  QNX  which wil l   be found  ina  multitude of applications the same time  RIM  will  grab  thev  top brains at the PI   in   Waterloo  and   U of W  engineering. Apple    wil fall to the bottom  just like Lance  Armstrong and Ben Johnson. This is  a win for the little guy.    RIM  will  hit  25  by end of February.Being seen  as slick  and corporate is " the new cool"  > I  phjones are for   retards who  play  music  no self respecting person would even listen to,  yet even  download at a COST.Look   for  more joint projects between RIM and   Open Text  also.