Convincing people that rim is a great buy who are not in the loop are backward thinkers with no visionary skills

Obviously they as children never connected the dots while colouring

Rim is not a phone any longer it i has evolved into a security service provider coupled with smart phone technology that will allow industry and individual to control  devices be it thermostats, appliances et al while away or at  place of install

Smart secure intelligence will position rim worldwide as a trusted provider who will license applications to security providers be it the form of applications be it banks, att, Dow and secure e mail services that all phones may carry on there platform

The money in this will be a game changer

Qnx system, do your dd and see what the platform really is. Rim will not be in the game of aapl or google's android much longer

Rim in my opinion has seen the light and will be travelling the road of trusted secure artificial intelligence be it mobile payments, banking or e-mail. Corporations around the globe will learn that Rim a provider of such all in house is a much safer infrastructure than ios and android systems offloading security to 3rd party providers. In my opinion patches will no longer work as hackers can figure make shift solutions with ease

All major industrial companies will love where rim is going, they will be able at the click of an app locate equipment , track employees, manage time sheets all through the qnx system

Aapl and android and samsung will enter this as well but in a much softer version

With all this we have not even talked about streaming advantage through rims compression that allows carriers the ability to use less band width thus allowing higher profits going back to the carriers

If I was a carrier I want rim in a good spot because the less dependent a carrier is on one company the better the leverage in  negotiation    with such