Great interview with Peter Misek as he talked about the server still being the companies core diamond gem assett worth billions of dollars.  Companies that get their employees love the RIM server service because it handles all the security issues that are a common problem with companies for their employee base.

As long as they keep this core server business healthy the company will always be major nich player world wide and have steady revenues in the billions of dollars. The bread and butter of the company is what the new CEO Thorsten Heins had also concentrated and fixed this so they do not have the service interuption problems they had with former managment. He knows the core root problems and addresses them quickly.

That is key to the customer loyalty as well as the growth of the company moving forward. Product lines change as technology evolves but without the server security base in great shape the company could not survive as it would not be a trusted secure email and data service. RIM prides itself as being one of the worlds most secure systems it built from the ground up and this is what they build on with the customer business base keeping them strong and growth oriented world wide.

RIM's future is brighter now then it has ever been and this is going to be a great come back story just as Apple did when Steve Jobs reinvented that core business to it's modern day success.

Bravo to Thorsten Heins and the entire RIM team who have worked very hard restoring investor and customer confidence.