Wow -- 3 ways "WE" (!!!) can win with this call, as Misek starts off by saying.

1. The BES server will get BB email onto iOS and Android devices, & the BES system is also the fastest, slickest, and most secure. Misek calls it a "great offering," and says he wouldn't have upgraded RIM to a Buy if he though BES would underperform.

2. All RIM needs to do according to Misek is to sell 4 million BB10s per quarter, & that alone puts RIM back into the black. Of course, you didn't need Misek to tell you that. Our own 50centdollars tabled that motion way way back when, and several others on this board including yours truly seconded that motion.

3. Misek is still talking up some kind of licensing deal. Personally, I don't care too much about that right now. I think BB10 sales will be high enough all on their own to get RIM into the positive earnings column.

But one of the things I found most fascinating about this interview was when the woman anchor said, "Anecdotally? I find a lot of people I know are turning back to BlackBerry, and away from the iPhone...."  Reminds me of the last part of the interview that was cut off yesterday, when another anchor mentioned how much she loved her BB.