I expected a drop after the Q release because, well, that happens most of the time on most of the stocks.   And not just to RIM.   Buuuuttt, the 'rip your face' sell off Friday stunk like a dead rat in a sewer.

The huge increase in shorts the over past month while the stock price went up on a flood of good company news was a gigantic screaming warning sign to watch out Q3!  

The market was looking for an excuse, any excuse like the colour of Heinz's tie or lack of one, any excuse to initiate a shock and awe dump.    Ho ho ho....   I know, it's a free market, we don't have to participate, but it stinks so much.   IMO it makes the markets look bad for everyone,  that they are primarily a vehicle for financial double dealing, economically and socially useless.    It attracts negative attention from the politicians and then one day they react and we all get effed.    What's the solution?   Who knows, but I would start with a ban on naked shorts.

So, the service revenue model is gonna change.    Lemme get this straight:  RIM is changing the serv rev model to make less money, right?   Wrong?   You mean, they're gonna change the serv rev model to make more money?   Oh.