You almost have to thank them for the buying opportunity.  I doubt very much RIM would have ever been trading as low as half of tangible book value (and one third of book value) without this kind of uninformed, arguably downright malicious coverage.  No doubt RIM dug themselves a deep hole, but the media made it deeper then it otherwise would have been.  


What we're seeing now is that some people (obviously not all, and perhaps not even a majority) are waking up to the fact that RIM is, in fact, not dead.  On the contrary, they're soon coming to market with a suite of new products and services for which they have the resources, relationships, and infrastructure to promote aggressively.  Whether they will be successful is obviously up for debate, but if they are, most would agree the stock is going much higher.  So far this month I've been impressed by their execution (e.g. the NY Times adverts were money very well spent, IMO), as momentum is clearly building.