"RIM was taken down by fabricated news

Example ... will burn cash, sub fees will fall, Co-Ceos buying hockey teams, playbook too short,

DOA, no purchaser for company, going out of business, sales dropping in USA, another Nortel,

another Palm, litigations, not as good as Apple, employees fighting on plane,laying off employees,

outages, etc"


Do you really honestly believe that statement, we are all bulls here.  But, the real reason RIM went down is because the company got lazy and didn't bother to innovate.  They started losing market shares to better phones and better technology.  All the media did was add fuel to fire.  So not everything is a big conspiracy theory, this is just how the market works, now when BB10 is launched and sucessful, those same media that drove the price down will be the same people driving it up.  Cheers.