Readers of Stockhouse and other Forums, here is what you should know (the truth)

1. Currently there are approx. 90,000,000 shares  short on RIM and RIMM stock on the TSX and NASDAQ. This is about 90% of the float right now. 

2. The shorts (especially those who Turkeyed themselves to sleep today and will have a rude surprise tomorrow) are basically******** right now.  

3.  Take out the Canadian RRSP eligible funds, mom and pop investors who still like RIM, all the fund managers who will throw a couple million shares in at this price to their fund as a roll the dice gamble for a year etc etc....and there are not enough shares to cover all the stock short unless the price rises dramaticaly in the next few days and sellers have to come into the market.

4. When the shorts post on these boards all the 'in my opinion'  and 'don't say I didn't warn you' and 'due your own due dilligence' notes preceeded by some ominous warning about RIM's impending demise....take it for what it is worth....the same as my post....NOTHING.  

5. They will, and can say anything while hiding behind the computer.  One said, there is no news till January --- really? Are you an insider? do you know this for sure? What about announcing major orders, major new partners, distribution deals, apps for the BB10?? Is that not news?  What about the journalist worldwide, and tech magazines, and cell phone web sites and gadget freaks....will they not write newspaper stories, blogs, etc etc to keep RIM in the headlines?  Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.   See folks, shorty tries to scare you, but just use your best judgememt  (or barely any when dealing with these dummies) and think it through. 

6. Better sell now!! Going back to $6.....IMHO. -- Right, this means, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sell my short butt some shares before I lose my house!

7. Folks, with averages of 10 million shares a day traded, the shorts would have to gobble up every share offered, for 10 days, at whatever price, (more pressure on buy side = higher the price), 10 days of straight up green arrows and LOL's from the long side (that's us1).


Have fun tomorrow and next week RIMM faithful -- I know I am, with my stock, and C options ;)  Mexico here I come!!