Thus says Thorsten Heins: 


Thorsten Heins: BlackBerry 10 Will Eliminate the Need for Laptops

Thorsten Heins, the chief executive officer of Research In Motion, is wildly optimistic about BlackBerry 10.

Of course, as CEO, has has to be. But something about his relentless enthusiasm has become sort of intoxicating. To compare, consider how you react when Steve Ballmer gets hyped up about a Microsoft product: perhaps it's his sore lack of genuine feeling, but for some reason or another you just aren't convinced.

With Thorsten, his passion comes off as much more authentic. After a while, he starts to make you believe—or, for the more skeptical critics of BlackBerry, at least want to believe.

So you have to admire the loftiness of his goals, no matter how crazy they seem. Like today, when he suggested to the New York Times that BlackBerry 10 will have the power to eliminate the need for laptops.

"You will not carry a laptop within three to five years," Thorsten told the paper. He believes that BB10 is not just a mobile platform, but a computing and communications platform; a broader, more deeply integrated operating system that works on smartphones, tablets, and eventually with things like kitchen appliances and office door security locks.

It seems unlikely that the laptop will be dead in three years, let alone five or even 10. But then again, this is 2012, where technology evolves exponentially and consumer habits change with each tide. It's a crazy enough world where Thorsten may just be right and where BB10 may just have what it takes to succeed.