LOL - probably got something to do with the fact that he was only right 50/50 of the time!  His head is probably spinning in circles now that RIM is up 2% in premarket trading.


Love the cute little trolls acting like this was the worst possible result in the history of RIM, when it actually wasn't as bad as they were all saying it would be 24 hrs ago.  It wasn't a great quarter, but PB sales were a lot higher than "analyst" opinion...although I'm sure they'll all re-adjust and say they made typos on their projections and actually were hoping for 750,000  Revenue wasn't great, but EPS was almost on target.  More subscribers, more cash in the bank, BB10 on track and on time, Jimbo gone gone gone, and possible licensing ops.  All good.  Next two quarters will be weak, so it's a good thing that RIM is going to be around for longer than six months...ROTFL.


Bleat, trolls, bleat!!!