Let me clarify, the only people I call morons are the people that are still pumping this stock with absolute nonsense.  What happened to Wave, you really think he was here to look out for the interest of SH shareholders.  This guy was blatantly misleading with fancy prewritten post filled with fancy numbers, that I repeated said was not true and possible.  It was so easy to spot characters like him, they always appear during a huge run up in share price.  Their job is to brainwash and convince people to hold on no matter what.  And yes it does have an affect, even if SH only gets 300 views max.  What it does is, every reader here will talk about his pump and share it with other people and the cycle keeps going.   As for seeing the new BB10 phones, are you sure they are the Z10 or Q10, you probably seen the old models which everyone still has cause their employers require them to have one.  Like I said before I work and live in the heart of downtown Toronto, and I work in the financial sector and belive me very very very few people have the phones.  Here is an inside scoop, employees from RBC were supposed to upgrade to their new BB10 phones, then they discover there were quite a few glitch and abandoned the whole upgrade. Don`t beleive me, ask RBC management next time you go to a branch or call their head office. Cheers, that was just one example.