CrazyTrader - I didn't say you were exaggerating. Since nobody know what will happen with this company, nobody can describe what exaggeration would mean in this case. Anyway I think calling those who disagree with you "morons" borders on trollish behaviour. Personally I plan to give BB until the end of the month to see if any news bumps it up a bit. If not, I'll probably sell 2/3 of my shares and leave the remaining 1/3 in place for Q2 earnings. With expectations now so insanely low for this company, I really can't fathom how they won't beat in September. Any Q2 estimates on the high side can reasonably be pegged as the work of short-sellers trying to assure an earnings miss. You can bet that bulls will be extremely cautious with their estimates this time around.

Btw, you repeatedly claim to never see anyone with a BB10 in Toronto. I don't know what circles you run in, perhaps your peers and colleagues are mostly late-adopters, but I've seen a fair number, and I'm not a gregarious person who ever pays attention to random people.