The newest Blackberry smartphone, Z10, is seeing good response in the United Kingdom and Canada, but can the company sell more than 2 million units of the phone in Canada over the next year?

Well, apparently it could.

According to a poll by Forum Research, which conducted it on February 6, a day after the smartphone was launched in Canada, it is quite possible that the company would end up selling about 2.6 million phones in its home country.

Chief Executive, who has been working tirelessly to promote the devices, has made multiple appearances in Toronto, and talked the phone up.

The company’s launch of its new Blackberry 10 operating system and the response of customers to its latest smartphones are being viewed with interest by investors and the tech industry alike, to see if the company has got what it takes to revive its fortunes.

More than 1000 people in Canada were asked whether they would buy the new smartphone from Blackberry. About 8 percent said that they were `almost certain’ to buy one of the new devices, while 19 percent said that they were `very likely’ to buy one.

Earlier, Byron Capital Markets analyst Tom Astle had estimated that RIM may sell up to 40 million of its BlackBerry 10 devices over the next year, with about 15 million units being bought by who already have a current BlackBerry smartphones in the U.K, Canada, Europe and the U.S., where the new device won’t launch until March.

The corporate fascination with Blackberry has still not dimmed because according to the survey, those in the income bracket of more than $100,000 a year still wanted to buy the phones.