Yes, I loaded up some at 85, lucky I had some cash, some people that bought in the 1.20's GOT SCREWED good, and that not selling or not, no excuse for management to dump shares as soon as there's the first run since August....what does that tell me? John knows the PPS will never be over 1.25 until 2016++ , so why not DUMP my shiat now.

I missed out those 80's today. . . too bad. but the ask jumped back to 84 so fast I couldn't even log in my account in time.

Congrats to those that waited 6 MONTHS to buy in...LOL, who woulda thought this POS would be down 20% in 6 months....great company we got here, yeah, looking real good here, way to screw over the investors confidence BAR....Down almost 40% in three weeks????, YEAH, NO PROBLEM, IT'S JUST A FEW PENNIES...POS

When management dumps a million shares, I have a reason to be upset. (I smell a scam here)