For what it's worth, I don't trade this stock.  I have a core position and I will hold until bought out.  The fundamentals are too good and you never know when that anouncement will come.  I think we are down the road a few years maybe earlier as to when we get bought out.  I do add to my position on TA however.  I think this one will be a good one, from a fundamental standpoint, we will be rewarded long term.  I agree with you on elliot wave on the fact that it is better to look at it on a past basis and say it wa an "ending diagonal" or a" zig zag "or a" double tree" but the only true pattern that is money in the bank is the mirror reversal pattern and tBAR  is beginning to set up.  It is rare so I go back to the more traditional patterns but I assure you, it is real and I do trade it with a very high probability of success.  That is why we scan several equities and commodities and in several time frames to come up with a few trades a week.  I am just saying that the left side is in, but we need to see a strong inpulse from here of at least 3 up candles to confirm a reversal before the trend has changed, and then a consolidation.  Hard to get a real good read on low volume equities, so I buy on fundamentals.  BTW, been a shareholder for quite a while, just been too busy lately with work to post.