An epic battle rages right now, and the CrimNakes - though destined to defeat - are nevertheless not going to go quietly into that good night of which Dylan Thomas wrote.


The inevitable, however, can only be forestalled so long.  Sinclair has framed it perfectly with this incandescent bit of advice :

"If you wish to be effective in the gold market there is a very simple way. The gold price is not attacked just for some pleasure of seeing the quote down. From simple shorts to complex 2nd and higher derivative positions it requires somebody to do something to profit on lower price. It requires you to panic to accomplish the downside among the paper gold traders.


To frustrate the short do nothing at all. When the gold market rallies you can doubly frustrate the short if again at the beginning of the rally you do nothing.


You need only not to trade the paper gold market to thwart at least your contribution to panic. You need only to hold your fully paid shares in a gold or silver entity ( read : such as BAR ) if it qualifies as sound to frustrate the short hedge fund.


You can defend yourself effectively by doing absolutely nothing."