Alternativeview, this is what I got from management team...There never is a "set date" for the release of assays on any particular batch of drill holes.  As you may be aware, the Balmoral website now has 4 separate longitudinal sections to help investors better understand the significance of drill hole information.  Once all of the assay  results are received, a press release is written and the drill holes are noted on the long sections, as applicable.  The length of time required for process is "indeterminate" at best. Due to the occurrence of several individual high grade, and exceptionally high grade, gold values in the past - Balmoral has instituted a procedure that "automatically" kicks back individual results greater than 10 grams for re-assay to ensure the integrity of assay information prior to releasing it to investors and shareholders like yourself.  We have reported multi-ounce assay values in the past.>