I am probably missing some details but I started by suggesting that I was expecting the final 11 holes to be released last week and that is when he mentioned the inconsistent assays in a couple of holes that were holding up the PR.  He said that sometimes the lab makes mistakes, sometimes lab employees are inexperienced and that the holes in question kept coming back with different values.  He said he thinks the lab has figured out why this is happening and it should be resolved in a couple of weeks.  My first suspicion was that there might be some sort of nugget effect going on that would not be consistent when the core was resplit.  Anyway, as I said, I suggested to Darrin that if assays in question were NFG this inconsistency would not occur or would be immaterial.  Darrin began talking about the previous 8oz hole and said that he always fears having to downgrade reassays in a subsequent PR and that if revisions are ultimately necessary, upward revisions are preferred.  This is a credibility thing and I think he is right.

Then I asked about drill plans and he said thaey have a drill company from Timmins that works really fast so all they will need is 2 rigs.  A bunch of holes in the next little while then a break and back to work for a total of 40,000 meters by September.

That is about it.