Hi I'm back with factual information. And, please guys stop all the ego bashing on this board.

GTA Resources was up as much as 20% today and BAR owns:

Under the terms of the Option Agreement, GTA may earn an initial 51% interest in the Northshore Property by making cash payments to Balmoral of $50,000, issuing in favour of Balmoral 2,500,000 common shares of GTA and incurring a minimum of $2,500,000 in eligible exploration expenditures on the Property over a three year period from receipt of regulatory approval. A cash payment of $10,000, issuance of 1,000,000 shares and a year one exploration expenditure of $350,000 (including the production of a 43-101 technical report) are firm commitments by GTA under the Option Agreement.

Upon exercise of the First Option outlined above, GTA will have the right to elect to proceed with a Second Option, under which GTA would have the ability to earn an additional 19% interest in the Northshore Property by making an additional cash payment of $100,000, issuing an additional 1,000,000 shares in favour of Balmoral upon exercising its right and incurring additional exploration expenditures totaling $3,000,000 over an additional 24 month time frame.

GTA has said they are going in for the full option,,, Good luck