It's your destiny to cover this at $10..... or higher.  Hope you get it pounded so far up your G/d, smug-arrogant, stuffed-full-of-yourself gazoo - and with a barbwire-wrapped fencepost - that you gag on it from the other end.

Then, hopefully - but yes, not likely - you'll have the decency to fulfill your Moral Obligation to Humankind and take the "empty-room, loaded-revolver" option so the rest of us can all offer eternal thanks to our Deity Of Choice.

Meanwhile, here's your

Instant Charter Lifetime Membership


The 24-Carat Genuine Phony Club

Flash your Membership card with pride everywhere you go.  It'll get you in the front door - yes! the front door! - of any participating Wal-Mart.  ( and they all participate, after all you're their targeted demographic )