Why this is tanking guaranteed.


#1 - I own some. 

#2 - 1.08 - yeah, if they don't spend a dime, I'm sure they have

#3 - Even with good news, it doesn't move up

#4 - Everyone is sitting and waiting on $0.95 - 1 / share

#5 - 0.94 warrants bought and stock still below it....(very bad sign)

#6 - I own some

#7 - I'm also short

This will be shaken down to at least 80 cents, if you like it or not....Mr. Big's have to make their money shorting....

Did you actually think people buying those warrants weren't going to short them???

Don't fall in love with it...trade it

This company is YEARS ahead of any merge / sale - At least 2015 / 2016....

Plenty of time to make a killing shorting and riding back up.