Agree there is something at play here but what. Shorts have increased positions but can't help but wonder if an institution is playing the stock down so that they can make their 1% daily profit back up to current support level of $0.92. For my part I am satisfied that the analysts coverage still recommends a "strong buy", and that the target price is between $1.20-$1.35 (Scotia). Based on old data on 24hGold the insitu value is $72M + cash of $19M or $1.08/share (84M shares). Again based on old data and does not include the latest drill results. If someone could share what they calculate the resource and reserves are that would be helpful. With year end approaching I suspect someone is shaking the tree to see if there are any nervous neely's and willing to sell below market value.


15/Nov/2012 177,320 60,355 +
31/Oct/2012 116,965 -373,720 -