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Bell Aliant Inc T.BA

Sector: Communication Services | Sub-Sector: Telecom Services
Alternate Symbol(s):  BLIAF

Bell Aliant Inc is a regional telecommunications provider. It offers information, communication and technology services including voice, data, Internet, video and value-added business solutions.
Price: $30.90 | Change: $-0.39 | %Change: -1.25%
Volume: 1.4m | Day High/Low: 31.28/30.90 | 52 Week High/Low: 31.78/24.79

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StocknerdEQcool wrote: Don't understand why there were still shorts in the last 2 months when they knew very well CBE takeover has been rumoured for quite a bit of time ? Such deals take months of...read more
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Don't understand why there were still shorts in the last 2 months when they knew very well CBE takeover has been rumoured for quite a bit of time ?  rate and reply
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RE:Bell offer for Bell Aliant

Thanks Canucktravellers for the explanation.  Friday's activity really boggles the mind :-)  I'm long both BA and BCE :-(  Any thoughts of which option most BA shareholders are going to choose?  rate and reply
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Bell offer for Bell Aliant

To those "interested" in why Bell Aliant traded above the "Strike" Price of $31.00 this might shed some light, however why it closed below $31.00 on Friday is a mystery....at least to me, or maybe...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Majority ownership at 44% ownership???

If any of the large institutional shareholders balk at this ,I think you will see BCE through in the next quarter dividend as a kinda 2% top up. They always leave some on the table so they can make us...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:Majority ownership at 44% ownership???

Don't forget they need to get 50% of the 56% shareholders (Non BCE)for this is pass  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Majority ownership at 44% ownership???

Thanks, good to know this. BCE is falling this morning! Any plans ?  rate and reply
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To-day's Activity

Can anybody explain the activity to-day?  Its falling almost to the all cash offer of 31.00 and below the cash/stock options (2 and 3)..  rate and reply
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How many days to cover? Short Positions for BA Symbol Report Date Volume Change Shares Issued % Float T : BA 2014-07-15 ...read more
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RE:RE:Majority ownership at 44% ownership???

Add BA insiders to BCE's 44% and you'll likely tip over 50%.  This deal seems to be solid.  rate and reply
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RE:Majority ownership at 44% ownership???

Legally your understanding is correct, but a lot of minor shareholders don't form groups to exercise their rights. This situation is similar to Harper acting as if he's a majority govt. when in fact a...read more
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Majority ownership at 44% ownership???

Why do they say that BCE has control of BA. My understanding is that they are trying to buy the 56% that they do not own. Yes they are by far the largest shareholder but it has always been my...read more
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Pension Managers should ask for a fair deal

BCE looking for a Done-deal @ $31.00 is not giving pension plans and pensioners a fair deal. A win-win situation for all parties would be - cash of $10.00 + fair value of BCE shares.  rate and reply
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RE:October Dividend

My advice is No deal until it's time. ... Although BA share price has been depressed in value for couple of years, it has good equity values. DON'T SELL UNTIL IT IS TIME.  rate and reply
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October Dividend

BCE CFO   S. Valaselja was interviewed yesterday on BNN.  He stated categorically that there will be no payout in October.  They anticipate it will be a done deal by then.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:What is your plan??

Agree, there is no need to rush in. We should wait for a sweeter deal fhan this one. $3.0 plus is equal to 1-2 years dividends for long term investors (66% of the total BA share-holders). Cash $10...read more
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RE:Correct Me.

Even with a quick closing I suspect there may be one more dividend before all said and done. That is not clear though but I doubt they would be able to clear all legal hurdles before the next dividend...read more
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Closing date

  rate and reply
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RE:What is your plan??

On the surface we all make $3 plus a share, not bad ! .... but one BA for 0.6371 of BCE is not attractive as BCE will be diluted and and price may fall..... Cash $7.75 and 0.4778 of BCE is todays...read more
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Correct Me.

There is no more Ba Divi's. On closing day of this deal you take $ 31 or .6371 BCE shares, or cash and shares. A BCE share price of $48.65 becomes better that the $31 cash payout. Also the last big...read more