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Bell Aliant Inc T.BA

Sector: Communication Services | Sub-Sector: Telecom Services
Alternate Symbol(s):  BLIAF

Bell Aliant Inc is a regional telecommunications provider. It offers information, communication and technology services including voice, data, Internet, video and value-added business solutions.
Price: $30.69 | Change: $-0.01 | %Change: -0.03%
Volume: 243,117 | Day High/Low: 30.73/30.65 | 52 Week High/Low: 31.78/24.79

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Hmmm... it is hard to say if pro-ration will kick in as BCE is a somewhat in demand stock.  rate and reply
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Mid August Shorts

ymbol Report Date Volume Change Shares Issued % Float T : BA 2014-08-15 1,765,771 -1,140,835 227,834,039 0...read more
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Options are as follows: (a) 1 share of BA => $31.00 (b) 0.6371 shares of BCE @ $31.00 / BA share; gives BCE shares valued at ($31/0.6371) $48.65 (c) $7.75 & 0.4778 shares of BCE => gives a BCE share...read more
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BA:       1sh * $31.00 = $31.00 in cash.   BCE:    637.1sh * xx = $-----   Did BCE say what the share price would be at the time on the exchange?  rate and reply
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Good reading material in bed. Fell asleep after reading the cover page 1000 BA shares will get back 637.1 BCE shares, and no dividend for October. Wow !!! Good accounting recommendations !!! Geez I...read more
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Obtained an e-copy from broker and trying to wade through.  Damned thing is 104 pages LOOONG  rate and reply
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You should receive something in the mail for you to send back with instructions as to how you want to proceed.  You could reject the offer outright and if enough people do that then the deal doesn't...read more
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Will this be an automatic payout of $31 or do we have to alert our online broker that is the option we've chosen? thanks  rate and reply
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2014 08 14 BCE formally launches offer

Thursday, August 14, 2014 BCE formally launches offers to purchase all outstanding Bell Aliant common shares and to exchange all outstanding Bell Aliant preferred shares See here: http://www...read more
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RE:Now that is curious..

Shorts are nuts ! Not many BA holders are selling - I think most like myself are holding for the takeover of $31.00  rate and reply
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Now that is curious..

Shorts increased in the last 2 weeks of July by almost 300k!  When will they cover? Short Positions for BA Symbol Report Date Volume Change Shares Issued...read more
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Correct.  rate and reply
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re: Dibah42 - (8/7/2014 10:08:00 AM)  When you say no BCE dividend on October 15th I assume you are referring to BA shareholders who take the BCE shares, right?  rate and reply
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Just listened to the c.c.  Seems co. is firing on almost all cylinders. I think Cope's experience as one of the founders of Clearnet, and subsequently at T, is showing in the gains in wireless...read more
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Per BCE's website BOTH the all cash and all share options are subject to proration.  Meaning if you want all cash option and more than 25% also take this option you won't get all cash but will get...read more
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They won't impose cash settlements but if they have too many cash requests they will impose the 25% cap (prorated) and issue shares for the rest. Cheers.  rate and reply
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If I want to settle for shares rather than cash I don't see how BCE can impose anything.  rate and reply
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I don't know if they expect 25% to opt for cash but they will impose this percentage if necessary. :-(  rate and reply
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In the words of Bell - They expect 25% of BA remaining shareholders would opt for cash which total to about $127 million. Not bad for Bell at all .. Any thoughts ?  rate and reply
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It might not be kosher but each quarter the board  needs to approve the dividend.  I guess this quarter they will not approve the dividend. In the words of BCE's CFO the dividend has been paid upfront...read more