This one paragraph in the 40+ page report intrigues me!  On page 35, paragraph 101.  

The Forecast assumes that the Azure Group will begin selling its Transit Connect product

starting in July 2012 and that certain cash receipts from these sales will begin in July 2012.

Purchases of inventory and direct materials will also begin in July 2012 to top-up existing

inventory to allow for completion of units.

IS THERE HOPE?  I doubt that us lowly common shareholders will survive the restructuring though,

as in most cases, only the secured investors (like JCI) come through smiling at the outcome.

Also the monitor (Ernest & Young Inc.) have recommended to the court an extension of stay period

to July 16, 2012.

Here is the direct link to the article that djlbc refers us to.'s%20Reports/Azure%20Dynamics%20-%20Third%20Report%20-%20June2012.pdf

I have my fingers crossed but don't have much in expectations.  This stock hurt me bad as I held slightly over 700K shares before the roll back.