It would be nice to see constructive comments rather than using this as a sound board for your dislike for someone else who shares this web site. As a shareholder (and I would have to say I have a large stake in this company) I think they will weather through the economic crisis and unfortunately they are trying to run with a product that caters to a sinking industry. Under the new Obama administration this may be the right time for this type of company to gain momentum and surprise everyone. I for one have always seen this as a long term investment and have bought and sold over and over. In the long run I am at a comfortable level for when the auto industry revives itself and the alarm bells for global warming ring in companies like Azure to provide clean energy alternatives. I only wish they had got on the pure electric rather than electric assist off the start as so many analysts thought they were coming up with a great idea that would be out-of date before it matured.

Well I don't usually comment but I can't see the need for fighting over who lost more or who made the smarter move. No one escaped the past few months without some scratches and sore spots. If you don't like Azure sell it and move on.