Copper in Arizona , I think is a hot play now. I really like  Augusta and Oracle not so sure of Redhawk as they have gone sideways I think, Augusta  has been on my watch list for so long ...I did not think, they would get the Air permit and lucky that It did as it gives some hope for the water and helped bring some stability on the SP. 

Does anyone know, what is the time line to get answers on  the water permit, knowing that it is recognized as the harder of the three, can we see answers in 2012 for this or is it a long permit process??????????

My Augusta play  increased last year, knowing that Oracle mining got all its pemits done and one would think that could only help any of the Arizona plays on a state level for permits and as of now, Oracle is set for production in 2013 so for as long as Oracle is a go and so far looks like they are the State of Arizona may take an good position on mining

As for what is Augusta worth if it does not get water permits, nothing, but one would think with all the cash involved and this team there is hope most of all knowing Oracle made it in Arizona on the permit side