Capital costs will rise for sure as they have for all miners everywhere

Cash costs will be very low at $1.10 to $1.25 per pound.  This cost allows for higher capital costs and it allows for some imperfections in execution.    Less than a dollar a pound will not happen as precious metal credits are being given away at an 80% or 85% discount in return for a capital injection

All analysts everywhere expect the permits to be eventually issued.  But, all the reports I have read and all knowledgable people I have talked to expect  a further delay of 8 to 30 months as there is fierce opposition locally and elsewhere.   Delays hammer NAV and they will also lead to more debt and/or more dilution or a bit of both.

Mining in 2014 is unlikely to happen but open pit development is very fast

Eventually this will be a fablous mine and highly profitable at $3 copper.

It should get taken out after all permits are issued.  If not expect the share price to rise to $10 at least