Hey all,


First post on the board for me, i'm following the company and would like some details from knowledgeable posters on the board. I have run through the latest presentation but would like additional info.

Augusta is waiting on 2 more permits I believe, expected Q2/Q3 this year at which point a construction decision will be made.


Costs of $1B to build - Does Augusta have the debt financing in place of of yet to fund the project? If not, how are we financing it and how much is left to be raised as KORES has provided some cash.?

Has any long-lead equipment or materials been ordered or is everything waiting for the final decision? Prodution by 2014 leaves 2 years at the most to build the mine (assuming a Q3 go ahead decision), is that reasonable? What about contractors to build the mine?

KORES has a 20% interest here, do they own 20% of the shares outstanding or is it another agreement?

What about economics - I have seen the impressive NPV and the cost to produce etc. Do we have any estimate on EBITA once in operation?

Finally, what else aside from the last two permits are awaiting before a construction decision is made? Any other obstacles to overcome or regulations to meet before the go-ahead?


Thank you to all that respond. Looking forward to investing and discussing.

On a side note I was invested previously in Mercator (Mineral Park located near where Rosemont would be), and am currently invested in Baja mining and very encouraged by their project and progress thus far (aside from stock price lol). Similarities have led me to Augusta as they also have backing from a Korean consortium and great economics. Looking for the next investment.