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The Top 5 Silver Stocks for 2013

2. Alexco Resource (NYSEMKT: AXU  )
I'm very excited about the position of this stock as we head into 2013, and consider Alexco among the clearest and lowest-risk investment opportunities in the industry. Here under $4, these shares are simply being given away.


This hybrid mining company combines a massive district-scale land position controlling the legendary Keno Hill silver district in Canada's Yukon province, with a fascinating environmental remediation services unit that grants the company a unique competitive niche within the silver industry. Alexco's inaugural Bellekeno mine complex has begun to correct some early operating challenges during its second full year in operation in 2012, and now looks to the addition of two new mine sites in 2013: high-grade silver deposits nearby called Lucky Queen and Onek.


By progressing through a long succession of high-quality deposits in varying stages of exploration and development, Alexco is poised to launch organically into the silver industry's coveted mid-tier space.


In addition to the looming mine start-ups at Lucky Queen and Onek, major catalyst potential for Alexco's shares during 2013 may be found in the anticipated resource updates for the next major development priorities in Alexco's well-stocked pipeline: the Flame & Moth deposit and the Bermingham deposit. Additionally, I am confident that Alexco will demonstrate positive economics for the processing of historical at-surface tailings material (the Elsa Tailings project) and move quickly to incorporate that low-cost source of pre-ground ore into the district's combined mill feed.


Alexco is a fascinating developing story, and a terrific long-term investment opportunity. I believe that 2013 will see an appropriate repricing of the shares to reflect the low-risk nature of the company's organic growth potential, while my longer-term price objective calls for a major multibagger performance in the making. For 2013, provided the above-listed catalysts play out according to plan, I'm looking for at least a 60% gain to $5.50 or better.