To all investors in AXL, Watch BNN, Weekly with Andrew McCreath, investing in oil & gas with Rafi Tahmazian of Canoe financial. Rafi is one individual that does not get excited very often and believe me, he is pumped about the future of oil & gas! All stars are aligning for AXL, gas prices will increase during the year, oil prices are stable, we are probably in the early stages of a secular decline in the CDN dollar vis-a-vis the US dollar, AXL's oil & gas production will increase in 2014, netback will be higher in 2014. As far as I am concern, the only single thing that could stop this company dead in its tracks would be poor drilling results. I have said it before and this is my own speculation. I believe they will have 100 % success in their drilling program this year, also I forgot to mention.... optimization and consolidation of Edmonton Sands shallow gas assets are underway too. So if High tide lifts all boats, this boat will be much, much higher by year end 2014. We also have to remember, this company is in the penalty box for making the wrong call on Natural Gas a few years ago. Hopefully Monday they will have guidance on production and some drilling results but for me regardless of the results, I have taken full position last December and took a little more of a position in mid-January. Now I am in this one for the next few years. Oil Patch here in Alberta is big but the players all know each others and I would bet anyone, people in the know are watching the results of this little company and if AXL starts showing positive results in the next few months, big money will start flowing into AXL. This is my two bits of common sense. Patience is a virtue and being patient will never hurt you. People don't succeed because their lucky. They succeed because they set goals and work towards those goals. They plan for success. I believe AXL's team is doing exactly that! Regards, Fearlessgg