I agree with the posters and there's no other way to put this...per-coup longs have been "shafted"!! I read somewhere that if the current mgmt gets run over by a bus they wouldn't care and I agree with that too.!! I am also disappointed as I had expected great things from AVR on the long run - then the coup thing happened, which was unexpected BUT not expected to go on forever anyways...then the news of the production halt took the stock down further anthe longs held...This just takes the cake!!

I simply don't know what to make of this "acquisition" news in its full context( whether it will be a good thing or bad thing down the road)except for the fact that the mgmt has definitely benefited with all those glorious options issued to themselves by themselves - AND where are the regulators??? Are they getting get "paid" to turn a blind eye on all this??? 

I wonder what sprott/sentry's position is on the take out? Are they on board and were they also in the know from the get-go and that's why they agreed to vote at the AGM the way they did ?

Too many questions that make you go hmmm and answers as clear as mud ...