What is it with the bottoms fixation of all these bright posters in this stock. They have been seeing bottoms ever since this dog collapsed at $3.65 ECU-time ... 73 bucks in AUM time ... as I told then of what would happen to everybody who would not listen and went on to make more that the requirement to be solidly in the 1%, hahaha.


I liked the bottoms around ECU $3.20....(AUM $72.00) much better.....then all the other double and triple  AUM ones at around $25.00 ... $19.70 ... $17.00 ... 11.00 ... 6.75 .... $3.55 ... and now again at $3.50 or whatever they are blabbing about.


A clue you have not, delusion a lot. This dog reminds me of that Twinkie/Wonderbread garbage.....noting but made up air, no substance. All we need now is some private equity firm to come in, raid the office furniture and put it out of its misery, while blaming it on somebody else ... eg. unions like in the Twinkie case .... here, all the criminals "manipulating this woofer.... hahahahahaha