For finding the place get on the interstate keep driving. If you get wet and can't see land turn left if they start talking a strange language thats Canada.

Love poorportfoolio


If nads and Iq are a prerequisaite for entering the abominable ` snowman` land  I see why you have never been deported or institutionalized(at least permanently).


 foolyerportfulio,as usual your advice is timely.Some what like your market sentiment aka picks:


States looking to new tolls to pay for highways

WASHINGTON (AP) — Driving onto an Interstate highway? Crossing a bridge on the way into work? Taking a tunnel under a river or bay? Get ready to pay. With Congress unwilling to contemplate an increase in the federal gas tax, motorists are likely to be paying ever more tolls as the government searches for ways to repair and expand the nation’s congested highways. Tolling is less efficient and sometimes can seem less fair than the main alternative, gasoline taxes. It can increase traffic on side roads as motorists seek to evade paying. Some tolling authorities — often quasi-governmental agencies operating outside the public eye — have been plagued by mismanagement. And some public-private partnerships to build toll roads have drowned in debt because of too-rosy revenue predictions. Tolls are hardly a perfect solution. But to many states and communities, they’re the best option available. "It’s very hard in this environment for states to add capacity without charging a toll because they can’t afford to do it," said Joshua Schank, president of the Eno Center for Transportation, a Washington think tank. "They’re barely able to maintain what they’ve got, and there is an urgent need for capacity." Some changes already are under way. In addition to the tolls allowed on Interstates in 15 states, mostly in the Northeast and Midwest, the U.S. has agreed to pilot toll projects on Interstate 95 in Virginia and North Carolina and on Interstate 70 in Missouri.



In conclusion please refrain from such idiotic suggestions, taking Interstates,buying Ecu,drooling AUM,moving back in with Mom,you get the idea.