"In previous posts, you indicated that fair value for the stock was slightly north of $6.00.  You don't belive that anymore?"


I do not believe I have ever indicated the above quote in any of my previous posts.  I think I mentioned something to the effect that if Alamos really wanted Aurizon management approval for their bid then it would have probably taken a $6 offer to make that happen.  But with the poor market conditions for junior miners and Aurizon's own operational challenges for entire 2013 that even a slightly sweetened bid of just $5 would probably do the trick to win 50% approval in a hostile bid.


I would not fall for management's "talk" anymore since they have very little credibility and an extremely poor track record for the past several years.  They only had 3 or 4 years to open up the data room and have potential suitors to come up with strong bids when the company was in much better shape and with a higher sp too.  So now when faced with a gun to their head they come up with such strategy?  The risk everyone faces is if you reject the Alamos bid and it expires then you highly likely see the sp immediately tank back to around $3.50 and also highly likely Aurizon does nothing with merger possibilities either once the heat has gone away.


I read some of the background leading up to the hostile bid from both company circulars and I realize it is a "they said this, we said this" affair.  But one thing that is clear is Alamos requested a Casa Berardi mine tour to conduct DD and signed a confidentiality agreement with Aurizon.  But after it was signed the Aurizon CEO at the time who has since stepped down but is still chairman suggested delaying it by several weeks due to prior obligations and then later at the revised timeframe nothing came about with either facilitating a mine tour or sharing any technical info???  Is that guy really doing his job in maximizing shareholder value or just worried about keeping a high paying job and continue collecting cheap stock options?  I mean there exists a company extremely interested in acquiring or merging with your company and you do NOTHING to provide the other side with proper info to potentially facilitate the highest price bid/offer possible?


And fast forward years later to present and the Aurizon board actually have the nerve to suggest the hostile bid is opportunistic and under values the company!  Well, duh, you folks let your egos get in the way and ignored their many requests for proper technical info and partnership talks over the years!