Very interesting.  Must have been at least 50 questions.

If one has not listened yet be sure and do so.


Alamos signed a CA with aurizon in 2008.

Never was able to get an on sight visit.

Wrote a lenghty proposal letter and got a two line negative reply.

All D.D. based on public information.

Claims no value assigned to exploration properties.

Does not think much of Joanna.

Questions indicated difficulty understanding why it was a fit.

When asked what they saw of interest that the market did not see, the reply was given with a stumbling broken rambling way.  Basic concept was the two together are better than either alone.

Response to question indicated more robust exploration program in spite of no assigned value to other properties.  Admit answer might have ment exploration at Bernardi.

Am very interested in the thoughts of others on this presentation. tia


Am not a shareholder in either company.  Have folled Aurizon for two years.  Was on buy list.

Follow it because on an interest in Wildcat and Opinaca exploration.