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Amerigo Resources Ltd T.ARG

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Copper
Alternate Symbol(s):  ARREF

Amerigo Resources Ltd is a producer of copper and molybdenum concentrates with operations in Chile.
Price: $0.465 | Change: $0.00 | %Change: 0.00%
Volume: 54,833 | Day High/Low: 0.465/0.45 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.54/0.305

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RE:RE:RE:Could something be brewing finally

Yes, must be long term holders, like us! I do buy and sell some from time to time based on the TA charts so I am not too far down now. Hope to make some good coin here eventually. A lift in Cu/Mo...read more
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RE:RE:Could something be brewing finally

Use the same site and I have been saving copies. Compare it to June and nothing much has changed as far as the main players other than geoligic taking a bigger stake without having to drive up the sp....read more
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RE:Could something be brewing finally

Good find goldens, Beaty had over 30mm shares and Geologic had over 18mm shares according to this site that I use: http://apps.cnbc.com/view.asp?country=US&uid=stocks/ownership&symbol=arg.to Time will...read more
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Could something be brewing finally

Noticed on Canadian insider the Ross Beaty sold 3 million shares to Geologic Resource partners on Thursday and then on Friday the bought another 72,000 shares. The swap of the 3 million didn't show on...read more
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Copper prices

LME stockpiles are at a 5 year low and the prices simply do not match. Going back 5 years when the stockpile of copper was just over 200,000 on the LME the price sat at $4.50/lb. We are sitting at...read more
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RE:Price movement

At least Amerigo does no have a tailings dam to worry about.  Very unfortunate  breach of Mt Polley.  rate and reply
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Price movement

Anyone else getting tired of this non-movement  rate and reply
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RE:good news

A step in the right direction, still a long way from increased production! This will be a slow mover, as always, but there is light ahead, I hope!  rate and reply
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good news

enviormental approvals in ahead of Q2 production results.     share price laging the sector.  rate and reply
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news pending

july 12 2013  amerigo anounces Q2 production results.    maby good news regarding environmental approvals for expansion project?  rate and reply
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Insider Activity

Not much but it is nice to see some buying by insiders for a change.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Management should consider a Stock Split

In my experience share splits seldom work out well. Sure, there is sometimes some immediate bounce, but then they tend to drift down and you are worse off than before. It has merit if there are...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:Management should consider a Stock Split

I mean a reverse split. With an approval from management the stock could perform a, say 1:5 reverse split making the share price roughly $2.25. This will now entice larger institutional investors...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Management should consider a Stock Split

Obviously I meant 10:1 not 1:10.  rate and reply
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Copper Inventories

LME copper inventories has been slashed over the past year from 600000 to 200000 tonnes according to Kitco. Anyone know if this trend applies to other copper storage aresa? Hope it has a positive...read more
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RE:RE:Management should consider a Stock Split

How do you calculate the float being only 17million shares when currently shares outstanding is approx. 170million. Thus a 1:10 would make 1.7B shares outstanding making the float only 1%??  rate and reply
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RE:Management should consider a Stock Split

You are saying a reverse split which really does not make sense unless they pull the price into the$5 range and that would mean 1:10 approximately and take the float to around 17 million shares. How...read more
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Management should consider a Stock Split

In order for this undervalued stock to move increased liquidity is a must. A 1:3 or more stock split increase would be a bullish sign.  rate and reply
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RE:Copper prices vs. LME

Amerigo is the best value play on copper on  the TSX.  rate and reply
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Copper prices vs. LME

Hard to understand that the LME stockpiles and the price of copper being so disconnected. Typically they move in the opposite direction but the price of copper has now followed the stockpiles down...read more