Well then, that makes me just a little older and possibly wiser than some........I just got laid off, so I qualify for E. I.  Heck, I paid into E. I. for over thirty years....now it is time to take some back.  If you anticipate a layoff, and are planning to collect E. I., just do not start your C.P.P. early as this will create a penalty/clawback on your E. I. benefit.  There are lots of dirty little secrets the guvment doesn't tell us!!

Yes, dividends are the way to go, provided that you invest in sure fire things, i.e. utilites, pipelines and the right banks......Westshore coal shippers has been very good to me as well.........even better now that their payout is again an eligible dividend....just don't get greedy for yield or you will end up disappointed!!