Hey Bakken......I'm with you; in that just buy on the dips and tuck it away in your portfolio, and like Fortis and others, dividend increases will happen over a period of time.  Patience will pay off.

Held in a cash account, i.e. not in an RRSP or TFSA accounts, the preferential taxation of eligible dividends, read AQN, is mighty favourable!  Just one caveat, the initial calculation for the dividend taxation causes your net income figure to increase irregularly, as you know.

e.g. $10,000 in dividends = $10,000 X 1.38 (2012 tax year) = $13,800.  This $13,800 is what is added to your net income.  An increase in net income can cause you a headache if you are collecting E. I. and secondly O.A.S. as it will put you "in the penalty box" and the C.R.A. will "claw-back" some of your E.I or O.A.S. benefits.  F.Y.I.