The anti Aquila group who are posting here are land owners from the area, I may be wrong, but it appears that way. Browndog, you also seem to know who these people are. Meanwhile, the stock price just fluctuates from 16. to .21, this means nothing in my opinion until the bigger question of what Hudaby does with their ownership of the Back Forty project. On the face of it, at least to me, the stock price is ridiculously low what with the potential the Back Forty could bring. There seems to be zero value give to what's in the ground at this time, never mind what else the Aquila group has on the go. I need to do some more dd, but it does look like a decent buying opportunity, again, it depends how this Hudbay/Aquila partnership ends up. As for the company All Group that was mentioned here, I'm sure there are a few companies that are invested in Aquila, All Group appears to have a major position, not easy when you hold that many shares and you go from $1.50 to .16, must be a large group of upset clients at that company.